Monday, September 1, 2014

3.3 miles (x 2) for Lori

Today is my sister’s birthday. Lori would have turned 33 today, but 12 years ago she died in a car accident. So in honor of her 33rd birthday, I got my pregnant self out the door and went for a run. At first I decided 3.3 miles would be perfect. But then the run turned out to be perfect, and I kept going until I did double that! Such a great way to celebrate her birthday and her short life.

20140901_094619 Always thinking of you, missing you, and loving you, Lor!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Tabata workout #332

I decided to do a workout outside with the boys today, and I took it to our land. Normally I put the boys in the bike stroller and ride over there (about 1.5 miles away), but today I did things a little different.


My little G man rode his bike, training wheels and all, 1.3 miles. He almost made it the whole way, then got pretty tired. What a stud! I felt pretty lame, driving our truck beside him rather than riding my bike beside him. But aside from knowing he would be too tired to make it all the way back afterward, I also had something I had to haul for my other little man…


Lets just say they both had a blast out there while I was working out. Speaking of, here is my workout for today (20:10 intervals):


I started with 5 loops on my 1/5 mile trail loop for my 1 mile warm up. Then I hit the timer for my tabata workout. Here is a video for ya, I did a demo of all the exercises, 4 reps each, without the rest in between. Be sure to set your timer at 20:10 second intervals (work:rest), and stop it while you do your run – which doesn’t have to be 1/5 mile, that was just easy math for me!

There you have it! If you have any questions, let me know.

Monday, August 11, 2014

El Vaquero Loco 25K trail race - 2014 race recap {and some big news!}

Yet another great year at El Vaquero Loco! Last year when I crossed the finish line I told my brother-in-law (the race director, TY), “that sucked and once is enough.” But then after I got over the exhaustion and pain of running it, I couldn’t say no to doing it again. It is an awesome trail race. Super hard, super steep, super high elevation, but SUPER beautiful & so amazing. I loved it way more this year!!

[headed to the finish line]IMG_3976

So, to start, here are some stats:

     Distance – 25K (just over 15 miles)
     Time – 3:42:27 (about 20 minutes slower than last year)
     Place – 4th female, (same as last year!), 23rd overall
     Start time – 8:30 am
     Conditions – trails, long uphill climbs to elevations of nearly 10,000 ft and very steep downhill parts, lots of single track
     Timing – Chip timing
     Race Swag – TIE DYE HOODIE!! (so awesome, I have 5 now and they are different colors every year), finisher picture (elevation 
                          chart this year), & I scored some sweet Smith shades!




This year I decided to take it a lot easier. I started out slower, at least it felt like it. I hiked the same amount of the uphill climbs, but slowed it down on the crazy, steep downhill portions. My legs still took quite the beating, but I felt so much better when I crossed the finish line. I was also pretty impressed with my timing abilities for this race. My watch was only 1 second off from the actual chip time for the race. That is definitely the best I’ve ever done with timing myself during a race! (never mind the 7:29:55 on the top of the watch…I think that was the total time since I had started the race…didn’t take the picture until 7 1/2 hours later!).


I also took more fuel with me this time around. Last year I’m pretty sure I only ate 3 Clif Shot Bloks & a 16 oz bottle of Nuun the whole 3 1/2 hours of racing. I was toast by the last 4 miles. This year, I ate 6 Clif Shot Bloks, a 16 oz bottle of Nuun and 8 oz of water. I forced myself to eat a Shot Blok every 20-30 minutes so that I wouldn’t be completely depleted by the last 4 miles again. This year I also tried out some Shot Bloks with caffeine. WONDERFUL!! I hardly ever drink or eat caffeine in any form, so those Shot Bloks did wonders! Loved it!!

I placed 4th female kind of by accident. There was another lady in front of me, but unfortunately for her, she took a wrong turn and followed the wrong colored flaging. She ended up getting lost and had to back track for a while until she found the course again. So I would have been 5th, had she not gotten lost. Also, had I ran as fast as I did last year (3:23:14) I would have been the first female, by 5 minutes. But I didn’t and I’m okay with that. Next year I’ll have to try it again though! One of the major reasons I took it easier this year is because of this…


Here’s more of a hint…


I’m pregnant! 3 months along, due around the end of February. Let me tell you, training during your first trimester sucks!! I was always tired & running was pure torture. In the end, it always made me feel better during the day, but getting going was so hard. One week I hit 10 miles [total] and another I got 16 miles in. Those were my worst weeks, but otherwise I was in or around the 30s for my mileage. We’ll see how the rest of this pregnancy goes!!

I’m the worst at taking pictures WITH people, aside from my family apparently. I talked to Erin for a little while and I also met Amy from Salt Lake, a blog follower, both of whom were waiting for their husbands to finish the race. No pictures of either of them…but just know that I got to talk to them!

Here are some after the race shots. My brother-in-law, TY, the race director…the “crazy cowboy” himself!


My step dad & my man, manning the grill. There is always a BBQ and huckleberry soda at the end of the race. So perfect!



Cottonwood Lake, where we finish. Couldn’t have picked a better spot to finish the race. I love crossing the finish line and plopping myself in the ice cold lake for a good 20 minutes. Felt so so good…once I was numb!


El Vaquero Loco 2014

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Final prep for Vaquero

El Vaquero Loco is in 2 days & I’m crossing my fingers I’m ready enough for this race! When I ran it last year, I definitely didn’t feel like I was prepared for it, especially considering I didn’t sign up for it until 5 days before!!

Training this time around I’ve put in three trail runs, my longest being 11 miles, hitting elevations of around 9,000 ft or so. The last couple weeks have been mileage in the 30s and although that might not be extremely high for a 25K training, it’s the best this training session has been!! My lowest weekly mileage was 10 miles, one week when I was just not feeling it and spent more time cross training (biking, backpacking, lifting).

Aside from running prep, I also did some prep to help out the RD (my brother-in-law) with the race. I put myself in charge of making the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers plaques for the 25K and the 50K, male & female –> 12 plaques altogether. They are now waiting for this years race photo (I’ll be adding those the night before when I finally get over to WY)


Today the boys and I went on a 7.5 mile bike ride. They relaxed in the back, eating their chips, while I huffed and puffed pulling 70 lbs of boy!! But I’m not complaining too much, the chips kept them from fighting, which kept me from having to stop every 10 minutes! I’m also gonna try to get in a least 5 miles on the treadmill during naptime too.


Tomorrow I want to get 3 miles in and call it good. That’s enough prep for me. I’m probably not going to run it as fast as last year (3:23:14, 4th female), but I’m gonna give it my best shot. I just wish I had put in more hill work & trail runs. OH WELL. Nothin’ I can do about that now.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Running funk

I think my body has been needing a break from running. Despite being in the middle of training for a 25K trail race, the past week & a half I was struggling to get the miles in. Last week I managed a whole 16 miles (I had 38 miles on the training plan Confused smile)!! Instead of running as much I’ve been hiking more & biking more & lifting weights more. Sometimes my body just needs to run less and do more of other things. I’m pretty happy that my lack of running at least wasn’t because of an injury!

Here is one of our past hikes –> 6 miles round trip, to this beautiful lake. Little G man (4 years old) hiked at least 5 of those miles!!


Fishing at the lake20140719_141402

My man, the animal! He said it’s training for hunting season!! I had to back track to find little B’s hat,
this is what I found when I met back up with them, both boys got pretty tired!!20140719_151819

Huckleberry picking on the way down!20140719_160738

Such good little hikers!!20140719_163355

Aside from running, hiking is my favorite. I live in an awesome place with beautiful mountains & trails. The only problem is the hiking season is about 2 months long, then the snow starts falling again. Gotta get some more hikes in before that happens!

Besides hiking, these are a few of the workouts I’ve been getting in during naptime. I don’t have videos to go with them, but if you have any questions about the exercises, leave me a comment!


This workout turned out to be an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workout, before naptime was over. It was a short one, I always hate those kind of naptimes Sad smile20140722_134856

This was my workout today. I got 7 miles in, interval style!! That’s most I’ve ran in one day for a couple weeks. Hopefully I won’t die during my trail race! I’ve really been slacking Confused smile But today running felt great, so hopefully my funk is on the downhill side & I’ll pick it up again.20140722_154404

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