Monday, March 16, 2015

Ready to workout & run!

This last weekend I went to a local half marathon & 10K race to watch & cheer on some friends. It was both a good and a bad thing for me to do. Good because I love to watch races, and I love running period. Bad because all I wanted to do was get out there with them and RUN! I’m now at 3 weeks post partum/c-section, and technically I still have another 3 weeks to wait before I do any exercising or running.

…we’ll see about that!

I’ve been walking more and more & last week I even did a couple E.A.S.Y. workouts – one upper body and one lower body (I was sore for DAYS after doing simple body weight squats…that’s how out of shape I’ve been getting!). In all honesty, I’m going to try a few jogging intervals next week and see how it feels. I definitely wont push it, but I’m going to give it a go. I NEED IT! 3 kids is starting to bring out the crazy in me, and I need my running outlet to stay sane!!!


During this past pregnancy, and up until now, I’ve been writing down awesome workouts that I’ve come across – on blogs, instagram, etc. They are more of the hardcore ones, that I couldn’t do while pregnant, and I really can’t wait to do ALL OF THEM! (3 pages, front and back so far!).


Most of these workouts are from Achieving Balance, Blonde Ponytail, and Muncher Cruncher, with a few other workouts & random new exercises from other personal trainers, runners or bloggers out there. I’ve been itching to sweat ever since I stopped running (32 weeks preg…about 11 weeks ago). I think I will start with a fitness test, to see where I’m at with everything (pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, squats, mile time, dead lift, etc). As much as I hate starting from scratch, I do love seeing myself progress and improve!

And we’ll end with that…and this…


[*yawn* - Baby H, 3 weeks old]

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Stop the Clot, Spread the Word

Did you know that March is Blood Clot Awareness month? There is a new campaign out called “Stop the Clot, Spread the Word” so that is what I’m doing now – spreading the word.


The last 9 months of my life I was pregnant, which put me at risk for blood clots because pregnancy can cause an increase of pressure in the veins. I also had surgery (c-section) which put me at risk again for blood clots. And, as I’ve learned by reading on their website, even during the 6 weeks of recovery after giving birth I’m still at risk.

Take a moment to check and see if you are at risk for a blood clot:


While I was pregnant, I did my part in preventing blood clots by exercising & wearing compression socks. Those two things are something I do almost every day anyway, but I made sure it happened as much as I could while I was pregnant. Anytime my legs started getting tight, uncomfortable, swollen, or achy, I had the compression socks on.

During and after my c-section, I was basically required to wear compression socks. I also brought some of my own with me to the hospital, because I’m a fan of Pro Compression socks, way more than hospital grade compression socks!

Blood clots don’t run in my family, and overall I’m a very healthy person, but there are still plenty of risk factors to look out for. I really encourage those of you who read this to check out the Stop the Clot webpage. There’s a lot of information on  risk factors, signs & symptoms, & blood clot prevention. Or you can watch this video from their site with all that information:

So, Stop the Clot, and Spread the Word! You can also find this campaign on facebook and twitter.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

V is for Vegetables | DVF Fitness preschool |

I do preschool with my little boys, and my favorite days are the ones that incorporate healthy living. Some of my favorites have been E is for Exercise, O is for Oatmeal, and this one – V is for Vegetables.

I did a preschool very similar to this last year with my oldest son, a few things are different this year. I started off having them (4 yr old & 3 yr old) draw a big V in their preschool notebooks. I make my almost 5 year old write out what the lesson is (Vegetables) by himself. Then they put vegetable stickers on the V. (I made the veggie stickers using my silhouette machine.)


Then we used this template and made Vegetable books. They colored all the different kinds of veggies & learned what they look like, and what kind of good stuff they do for our bodies!


Using “Growing Vegetable Soup” by Lois Ehlert, we made veggie soup on paper. They colored a pot & then glued on vegetables that could be used to make veggie soup. Then I had them name them all and asked them if they’d ever tried them before.

 IMG_20150311_102016_684 IMG_20150311_102122_318

Which brings me to the last thing we did for Vegetable preschool. Taste testing! I didn’t get any super fun veggies, just the usuals we always have in the fridge – carrots, peppers, lettuce/spinach, & snap peas. It would have been fun to try some that we rarely (if ever) eat – egg plant, artichoke, radish, etc…just to have them try it. After they tried a bite, they had to decide if it tasted good or bad & marked it on their chart (from Preschool Alphabet).


Now my boys have a better idea of what a Vegetable is & what their names are. It was a pretty fun preschool for them, especially the taste testing!

| More DVF Fitness Preschool ideas |

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Time for a change

12 days ago I had a c-section and my baby girl came into this world. She is such a sweetheart, and she’s the best eater & sleeper we’ve had yet. I have had 3 kids now, and every time I seem to forget the long road to recovery & getting my body back to the shape it was in before I got pregnant.


During this pregnancy, I was staying as active as I could. I ran until I was 32 weeks pregnant. I walked up until I had her. I lifted weights…getting less & less intense as the weeks went along. But I stayed active. Unfortunately, after a major surgery like a c-section, you can’t do much. For weeks.

IMG_20150226_122635_293 [3 days post c-section…super sore & slow going]

It’s only been [almost] 2 weeks, and I’m getting antsy. I wanna run. I wanna lift weights. I wanna wear my pre-prego clothes. BUT, I currently can barely walk at a 2.5 mph pace without thinking my incision is going to break open (maybe not that drastic, but I do get nervous). The weights I lift right now are the groceries, my 8 lb baby & my 32 lb 3 yr old (but not very much). I feel a major downhill slide going on right now when it comes to my fitness. Frustrating, yes. But I also knew what I signed up for.


So, in the meantime, while I wait for the okay from my doctor to get moving again without having to worry about things getting messed up, I’ve set some goals to get/keep me motivated & to inspire some change right now. I’m using this 3 week calendar I made to keep track of my progress, which is my ultimate strategy to making changes stick. [I completely believe in ‘21 days’ to form or break habits].


My goals for right now are:

  1. Drink 4 water bottles of water every day: I went out and bought a new water bottle to inspire & remind me to keep drinking. I’ve always been good at drinking water, but I want/need to drink more, especially while nursing. It’s a 20 oz water bottle, so technically my goal is to drink 10 cups of water every day.
  2. Walk at least  mile every day (until the doctor says I can start running again!): The miles are slow going, but it’s going to help me recover even faster, as long as I don’t push it too hard.
  3. Eat 5 fruit/veggie servings per day: I got into some really bad habits during the end of my pregnancy. I chose a lot of junk over the healthy stuff, because I was over it. Pregnancy really brings out the worst in me :/ So now I am going to try to get back on the fruit & veggie wagon…while avoiding the major gassy veggies (poor Baby H does NOT like having gas…and rightly so!).

To go along with my fruit & veggie goal, I’m just going to try to snack healthier too. For example: Veggies + hummus, cream cheese rolled up in turkey deli meat, greek yogurt with granola, fresh fruit…


And GUM. That always helps fight the junk eating, at least a little ;) I’m currently hooked on trident…but it will probably change next week!


My man and I have a half marathon coming up in June, which currently is 14 weeks away. AM I GOING TO BE READY?! I sure hope so. Definitely wont be going into it thinking I’m going to get a PR. It will be more like a kick off to the racing season ahead! I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to start running by the end of March, that will give me about 11-12 weeks to train. Until then, I’ll just keep snuggling with this adorable little chica!!

IMG_20150301_093914 IMG_20150307_140507

Monday, February 16, 2015

Getting antsy at 39.5 weeks pregnant

I’m down to my last 7 days of this pregnancy. I’m planning on a VBAC, but I do have a c-section scheduled for next Monday. Either way it goes, I’m just done with being pregnant! I’ve been pretty antsy lately, not to mention uncomfortable (so it goes), so I’ve been trying to exercise more. It’s usually in the form of walking, but today I upped the ante with some weights!

IMG_20150216_143650 [Doing some overhead presses. Can you tell I’m 39.5 weeks pregnant from the back?]

Here’s the workout (plus 2 miles I walked earlier in the morning) --


For the upper body circuit I used 15 lb dumbbells and the lower body circuit I used body weight (which is currently 27 lbs heavier than normal!). I kept it pretty modified and chill, definitely didn’t push myself, but my muscles were still feeling it.

Earlier today I took some other well needed “medicine” – Nuun. I’ve been craving chips a lot lately…which usually means I just want salt (or electrolytes). So instead, because we don’t have any chips in the house, I drank a glass of TriBerry Nuun and it was just what I needed. Love me some Nuun!!

IMG_20150216_103507 [See the dust of snow. Montana has been amazingly warm this winter, but we did get a few puffs of snow last night…which has already melted]

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