Sunday, January 18, 2015

Top pinned DVF Fitness workouts

I was checking out Pinterest the other day & discovered some of the workouts I’ve posted have been repinned quite a few times, which is always something that makes me smile! It’s nice to know others appreciate these workouts. So, I will offer you the challenge to try out these top 5 pinned workouts from me, Kiley at DVF Fitness:

#5 – Arms & Abs [at home] workout


#4 – By the Hundreds
(probably my favorite [at home] core workout) and HERE is another version of the same workout.


#3 – Total Body Ladder Workout


#2 – Partner Workout [take 1] – (follow the link to find an individual workout version)


#1 – 10 minute Volleyball Conditioning tabata workout (not just for volleyball players!!)


You’ll have to let me know if you try out any of those workouts! Like I said before, the core workout is my favorite (#4). I love doing any kind of core workout, but then again I love all workouts ;)  I’ve been really missing my favorite core exercises in particular (as I’m 35 weeks pregnant). Counting down the days until I can do these workouts again!!

If you aren’t following my Workout board on Pinterest, you definitely should! I pin all the workouts I post & other workouts I find from other sites. Look through all the different workouts pinned there, not just the top 5 pinned from my blog!


Monday, January 12, 2015

Third Trimester total body workouts

Throughout this 3rd trimester of my 3rd pregnancy, I’ve been really trying to stay active. Running is completely out (Braxton Hicks win again), but I’m still lifting a little & walking.

I’ve been avoiding a lot of my usual core exercises because I really want to avoid Diastasis. In my first, and only, birthing class that we took when I was pregnant with my first kiddo, I think they did a good job scaring me about that ab separation that can happen easily when you are pregnant and doing core work. So personally, I avoid doing core work that involves laying on my back (crunches, sit-ups, etc.) & I avoid isometric core exercises (ie: planks, just doesn’t feel right). It may not be the same for everyone, but that is what I do. I’m saving the hard’core’ core workouts for after the pregnancy!

For now, I’m doing my 3rd trimester workouts. They are modified & a little more simplified workouts from what I normally do. HERE is my first 3rd trimester workout (at about 28.5 weeks). I’ve been trying to keep track of at least one workout a week, so here are more of my 3rd trimester workouts that I’ve been doing along the way

**these are all home workouts, no need for special equipment or a gym, just use free weights that are suitable to your strength):

image image image image image
And how about some 3rd tri prego pictures (so far) just for fun:


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Running in the dark – safety first!! [product review]

As I am now 34 weeks pregnant, I am definitely not doing any running, let alone running in the dark. BUT…I’m always an advocate for runner safety, & today it’s about running in the dark.


My husband has never liked me running [alone] in the dark – morning or evening, and personally I don’t like it much myself. Although, starting a morning run before the sun comes is such a fun time to run, watching the sunrise & enjoying the peace & quiet (depending on where you run) is just pure bliss right there!

On major concern out there is not being see by others, particularly vehicles while running in the dark. Gone for a Run has a lot of running in the dark safety items, and I recently tried out their LightGuide LED Arm LightBand. My first impressions were it’s very bright, it’s very light, & their size chart on their website could use some modifications or more direction for customers!

Here is what I got – with these claims printed on the packaging: 3 light modes, blue LED light, reflective material, High visibility (over 1/4 mile), batteries included, & adjustable. I might add it’s very light weight & after taking it out of the package, it did seem stiff (pic on right). Along with the “stiff” band, the velcro & battery pack worried me. All I could imagine was CHAFFING! But once I put it on, it was really comfortable & I don’t think chaffing will be a problem.

IMG_2930 IMG_2931

My issue with their size chart was I thought I was going to need smaller than size small, because all that is says for their size small measurement is 13”. As you can see from the picture, my bicep is not even 12”. But, not to worry, the small fits great. Once I had it in hand, I figured out that the 13” is about the LARGEST the size small will fit.


So, just know that the measurement they have listed by the size is the largest it will fit, but they adjust down a lot. As one reviewer on their website suggested, take into consideration the layers that you may be wearing while running in the dark. The small leaves just over an inch of play for my arm, so that’s about perfect.

The arm band stays in place & doesn’t slip. Depending on how tight you put it on, you can’t even really tell it’s there. You have to be aware of the little battery pack, you don’t want that rubbing against your side, nor do you want the light mostly under your arm. Not a huge deal, because the lights are SO bright.

The LED blue lights are bright, bright, B.R.I.G.H.T! Gone for a Run claims you will be visible up to 1/4 mile away! That’s pretty impressive. They definitely do their job at making sure you are seen in the dark. My little B man LOVES blue, so he was of course in love with this LED arm band. And he’s here to tell you, it’s so easy to use, even a 2.5 year old [in jammies] can turn it on & off!!


The light settings are a fast flash, slow flash & a constant light. I haven’t ran with it at night, but I could imagine the strobe light might get annoying in your peripheral vision. I did test it out by running in place in a dark room, and the flashing light was intense. I’d definitely opt for the constant light when running in the dark!

Gone for a Run has this video on their website & it does a great job showing what a difference the LED arm band makes for runners’ safety! Check it out:

If you are one that loves to run in the wee hours of the morning or late at night, I’d definitely suggest to you to remember to be safe. There are a lot of other products out there (reflective vests, headlamps, etc) but this LED arm band is one you should really consider. It’s light weight & comfortable, it’s super bright & easy to turn on and off, and the price isn’t bad either (retails for $14.99).

*I was given this LightGuide LED Arm LightBand from Gone For A Run free of charge
in exchange for a review. All thoughts & opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Monday, January 5, 2015

“not running sucks” – new fav!

Yes, I’ve been complaining a lot about not running lately…and I’m sorry! I just get so cranky about it, but I guess I’ll try to have a better attitude [so hard right now!]. I did make this shirt though. So now I don’t have to say anything out loud anymore, I can just walk around wearing this ;)



10891635_658747207567938_2117302698501826670_n image
[find it in my DVF Fitness etsy shop, more colors available]

On a different note, my husband ran 12.7 miles last week (total), his first week of base training. He’s progressing great!

Friday, January 2, 2015

I tend to forget…

My husband agreed (actually, SUGGESTED) we run a half marathon together this year, on our 7th wedding anniversary in June. Before he could change his mind, I signed us both us for a half marathon & now it’s a done deal! I set up a training plan for him, and right now is just building his base.

image[from instagram]

He isn’t a runner. He doesn’t like running. He barely tolerates me running! When I put his running calendar on the wall, I could hardly contain my excitement & happiness for him. But then I remembered the fact that he doesn’t like running. This kind of stuff isn’t fun for him, it’s pretty much torture.

And I also remembered that A LOT of people don’t like running, in fact HATE running. That is something I tend to forget! For me, running is fun. It’s ME time. I am renewed when I run & am the worst kind of person when I can’t run. It’s always hard for me to remember that other people are in fact the complete opposite of that.

I also forget that some people run for the sole purpose of burning calories & to lose weight. Again, for me, it’s a hobby. It’s my way of life. An added benefit is the health side of things, but that’s not the reason I do it.

I run to compete (with myself mostly).
I run to breath.
I run to get lost in thought.
I run to read!
I run to be happy.
I run to push myself.

So many more reasons that I run!

And right now, when I’m setting up training plans & reading all sorts of New Years resolutions about running & how everyone started their New Year off right, I’m stuck walking…very slowly…with braxton hicks contractions killing me! I tend to forget that the end of pregnancy SUCKS is hard. Pregnancy amnesia is a real deal! I forgot how bad braxton hicks are for me, particularly during the last couple months. UGH!!

32[32 weeks pregnant, called it quits for the running until after the baby comes]

I’m hanging in there. And in the meantime, I’m waiting to set some real goals until I know where I stand, physically…post partum…in February. I wish I could be out and about running and being hard core…and I will…in just a few weeks (7 or less!).

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