Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fashletics Ambassador | #choosestrength

I’m excited to say that I’m an ambassador for Fashletics!! I love their brand, their products & what they stand for. I have also been featured on their website, and you can find that here.


Fashletics is a collection of handmade jewelry inspired by a passion for fitness. 
Each piece of jewelry serves a badge of honor and an expression of strength.”


I love their mantras – Choose Strength – Lift Heavy, Be Happy – Strength Is Style


They sent me an awesome necklace, which really speaks to me. –> You vs. You <—(with a dumbbell). Isn’t that the truth almost every single day? It’s a constant internal battle. Some days the fight is easy, but some days I really have to push hard to win. The sayings/mantras on their jewelry are so motivating and awesome. But not only that, their jewelry is killer. So well made (and hand made), and just plain beautiful jewelry!


Thanks for choosing me to be one of your ambassadors, Fashletics! Choose Strength!! If you are interested in becoming an ambassador for Fashletics, fill out their application HERE.  

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hills on the ‘Mill | DVF workout

I’m in the middle of marathon training (roughly 7 weeks left) and some days I just don’t feel like getting up to run. I got to bed pretty late (usually around midnight) and my 5 month old is up and ready to nurse sometime between 5:00-6:30 am. Makes for a tired momma. Some days, if I just get out of bed and get warmed up, then I’m fine. But a lot of days I just want to keep sleeping…and usually do :(

Thank goodness I have a treadmill, and thank goodness for nap time!! I have a trail race coming up in a few weeks during this marathon training session, so I’ve been trying to get in more hills. Thus, a treadmill hill workout was inevitable. Here we go:

[I really thought the treadmill raised up A LOT higher than this…more like 2 feet high, not 4 inches. That’s what it feels like anyway!]

Set your pace and keep it there throughout the workout (increase if you want, but try not to decrease it) -


*please consult a physician before you start a fitness/running program

Monday, July 20, 2015

Teething doesn’t have to bite | DVF product review

My babyH is now 5 months old, and yes, she is already teething. My oldest got his first tooth at 4 months, so it’s pretty common in our house to go through this pain at an early age. And with teething pain comes restless, and sometime sleepless, nights. Not a great combination when I’m in the middle of marathon training. So, I try to help a girl out when she’s in pain! Teething pain relief, here we come!

This time around I’ve been using Infants’ Advil®. I usually give her a recommended dose for her weight just before she goes to bed, when she is particularly fussy and not feeling good. It definitely helps with her sleep during the swollen gum stage, which in turn helps with my sleep! Thus, marathon training is going really well as I’ve been getting as much sleep as I usually do!!


I took these pictures literally within a few minutes…see how grumpy & cranky she is in the first picture, then I pulled out the Infants’ Advil® & she loved on it for a while (okay…she just humored me and held it for the picture!), then she sucked down the recommended dose for her weight & the crying stopped! No joke. The flavor is white grape, and I’m pretty sure she likes that.

I try not to drug her up during the day, unless she is feeling really, REALLY owie and being a complete grump about it! But considering Infants’ Advil® lasts 6-8 hours, if I do give her any during the day it’s only once.

I also tried out this “Soothasaurus” toy which she has fun chewing on. I kind of hate it though, because it sounds like a dog squeaky toy…which my boys have way too much fun playing with when she isn’t gnawing on it. Pretty much the worst noise EVER!!! But, if you don’t mind the noise, it is a great teething toy (find coupons here).


Still no teeth yet, only swollen little bumps, but they will get here soon. I’m crossing my fingers that both of her and my sleep, coupled with teething and Infants’ Advil®, isn’t compromised during the next 7 weeks of marathon training. If things go as well as they have been, I don’t have anything to worry about!

Disclosure: The Infants’ Advil® product and information have been provided
by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Star Valley half marathon race recap

The Star Valley half marathon was an impromptu race for me. After the Jackson Hole half marathon, I decided I wanted to run this one as well. My niece and bro-in-law were planning on running it too, so how could I turn it down!

My stats:

  • Time – 1:40:51
  • Place – 30th overall (out of 342), 6th female (out of 207), 1st age group (out of 29)
  • Average pace – 7:42/mile


I was not planning on finishing at the time I did, but I was very happy with my time. My last half, less than a month ago, was 1:48, so my goal for this race was to do better than that, hoping for a 1:45. I decided I was just going to try to ENJOY the race. So I started out slow (or what felt slow), it was a comfortable race pace, with no plans of doing that well. The first few miles were on a gravel road and mostly downhill, which is why my pace felt so good.

By mile 7 I was starting to get tired, so I ate half of a Clif shot blok and drank some Nuun (I carry it with me). I ate another half at mile 8 & mile 11. I think I might need to drink a little more than I did, because my stomach wasn’t feeling very great starting at mile 9 and the worst when I saw the mile 12 marker. Next time I’ll try to drink a little more along the way, hopefully that will help. But I also fear getting side aches from drinking too much. Gotta find the balance!

At about mile 8, I finally saw my niece ahead of me. Once I had her in my sights, my final goal was to keep getting closer to her. It felt like I was, slowly but surely, getting there…until mile 12 when my stomach wouldn’t have it anymore. She beat me my about 2 minutes (1:38 – this was her second half marathon, and she’s 16!).

With only a couple hundred yards left in the race, and it being a horeshoe-type finish line, my 5 year old ran with me to the finish. I passed my family & enjoyed their cheers and high fives, then he took off and ran ahead of me. I tried so dang hard to move my legs faster to keep up with him, but I had nothin’ left. He made for a great pacer to the finish line (except when he ran RIGHT in front of me!!).


These are my splits. Fairly consistent, (unlike the Jackson Hole half!).


The Star Valley half marathon course is so pretty & the weather was perfect. There is a lot of community support along the way, people cheering, giving high fives, playing music, etc. The aid stations were well stocked (I never stopped, but the volunteers were busy keeping everyone hydrated & fed!). The course is on the road, and open to cars, so my family found me a few times along the way & yelled at me to “Go faster Mom!”.

I would definitely run this half again. It’s a bit of a drive for me, but worth it!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Grant - 13.1 | DVF coaching


I had the opportunity to write up a training plan for my husband! He decided that we should run a half marathon on our 7th wedding anniversary this year (in June)…and he isn’t a runner! When he set the goal to run a half with me, the farthest he had ever ran was 6 miles, which was when we were dating and I asked him to go for a run on the Oregon Coast beach with me!! He was trying to win my heart (obviously he did) and couldn’t turn me down, but after the fact he told me he was pretty miserable on that run!

The goal was set & we registered about 6 months before the race, giving us plenty of time to train. I started Grant out doing some base building, but because of old shoes & probably other reasons, he ended up hurting his achilles tendon and took 3 months off of running.

At the end of April he finally started running a little again, maybe a mile at a time, every other day or so. His achilles was feeling better (not 100%), but he was able to run more and more each week. That is when I set him up with a beginner half marathon training plan…for only 6 weeks…that’s all the time he had left to train!

His half-marathon 6-week beginner training plan consisted of:

  • Running 4 days a week
  • Long runs on Saturdays
  • Highest weekly mileage = 19
  • Longest long run = 10 miles (2 weeks before the race)
  • Almost every run was at easy/conversation pace
  • Lots of stretching & new shoes prescribed!

His goal was to run 2:10 half marathon (which is about a 9:55 pace).

He ended up running a sub-2 hour half –> 1:59:05 (about 9:05 pace). HE KILLED IT!!


If you are interested in a customized training plan for an upcoming race,
please visit my
coaching page for more details or contact me. 
No matter your fitness level, I can set up a plan for you and you will accomplish your goals!

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