Saturday, April 25, 2015

Log Off, Shut Down, Go Run virtual 10K | race recap

I was on vacation for this virtual race. It was a ‘run down memory lane’ for me, as it was in the town I grew up in. My parents and siblings don’t live there anymore, but every now and then we will stop by, and I had to get in a run this time. I love running the streets that I ran when I was a teenager. Definitely puts a smile on my face!!


Virtual Race Stats:

  • Race name: Log off, Shut down, Go run virtual 10K race hosted by Gone For A Run.
  • Finish place – 1st overall, 1st female ;)
  • Distance – 6.21 miles (with an extra .3 for a cool down + 6 strides = 6.8)
  • Time – 54:19 (about 8:45 pace)


What I wore (head-to-toe):


What I ate:

  • Before – banana with peanut butter and a little water
  • During – Trident cinnamon gum
  • After – Oatmeal with plain greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, peanut butter & cinnamon, along with Turkey bacon, water, & Nuun!!


How it went:

It was a cold & gloomy looking morning, with a light sprinkle every now and then. Aside from the cold, it was great running weather. I ran this 10K race at an easy pace, about 8:45 minute miles. I didn’t plan ahead with my training schedule and instead of saving my speed workout for today, I did it on Monday. But I will say this pace is getting to the faster end of my easy pace spectrum, especially this year (post baby recovery), so I’ll take it!

Running in my hometown makes it fun to see how much I’ve progressed and improved as a runner (and see how much the elevation change makes a difference!). Going up the hills that I ran as a teenager and young adult seemed like a piece of cake now, compared to the memory of how awful they were years ago!

At the very end of my run, I ran by a bunch of runners with race bibs going the opposite way. Turns out there was an actual 5K and 10K race in town and I really wish I had known about it. I totally would have ran it (it was only $10 to register plus a shirt…gotta love small towns!). Next time, I guess.


[on Instagram]

**Thanks to Gone For A Run for hosting this virtual race.
As an ambassador I received free entry to this race.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Another week of half marathon training, lets review

I’m pretty dang happy about the state of my fitness right now. It just keeps getting better and better! This past week I ran 27.5 miles, and it all felt great! My pace is still slower than pre-pregnancy, but I’m getting closer and closer. I can do my push-ups and planks just fine now. Still haven’t tried the full sit-ups or pull-ups, but that might just have to happen this coming week!

Here’s a look at this past week:

  • SUNDAY – nada
  • MONDAY – 4 miles [attempted TEMPO run]
    • ran 2.5 miles at 8:13 pace…it was HARD (still working on getting back to speed)
    • + legs/core workout
  • TUESDAY – 1 mile [EASY]
    • this was meant for a 6 mile run, but kids & life got in the way. Turned into a REST DAY!
  • WEDNESDAY – 6 miles [EASY]
    • + arms/core workout
  • THURSDAY – 5.5 miles  [HILLS]
    • 4 min intervals, alternating incline (3-5%) and “flat” (1%)
    • + total body workout (see THIS post)
  • FRIDAY – 3 miles [EASY]
    • I didn’t track my time or pace, just ran by feel
    • no other workout
  • SATURDAY – 8 miles [EASY]
    • ran at about a 9 min pace
    • + simple total body workout 
      • 4 sets of: 25 crunches, 25 reverse crunches, 10 squats, 10 push-ups

I set a goal to get in 3 core workouts, 2 upper body, and 2 lower body workouts a week…but sometimes I’ll just take what I get. Time is hard to come by these days with 3 kids, at-home business, and everything else life throws at ya!

I broke out a new pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 17s on Saturday’s 8 mile run. I love that I know these will feel & fit great and I can just put them on and run. No need to “break them in”, they just are that awesome! (as are the Pro Compression low socks, I need more!!!).


And this is my sweet little babe at 7.5 weeks old – all smiles!! She is just the best, and keeps getting better!


Friday, April 17, 2015

Kettlebell inspired |DVF workouts

I don’t own kettlebells. Weights are expensive as it is, but kettlebells are way up there. So I’ve been making due with my dumbbells when it comes to kettlebell exercises. I know the weight distribution & grip are a lot different with kettlebells, but the movements with dumbbells still work the same general muscles. For example, here I am doing an overhead ‘kettlebell swing’ (with a dumbbell, obviously), mid-swing.

IMG_20150416_084348_267[on Instagram]

Here are a couple kettlebell inspired workouts I set up. You can definitely use kettlebells, but you can also use dumbbells if that’s all you have (like me!).


Here’s a video demo of this workout (not doing all the reps & sets of course, just showing the how-to)

And this workout. Inspired by kettlebells, but can be done with either dumbbells or kettlebells.
Here’s a short video to demonstrate these exercises (using a dumbbell)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My breakfast favs | DVF nutrition edition

Since I have been trying to incorporate more protein in my diet, I’ve discovered some great, new [to me] breakfasts that I’m in love with. I’m not a huge fan of eggs for breakfast…only on rare occasions. But I do love me some oatmeal and/or fruit, they just need to be spiced up a little so I can get the protein I need. These are my two favorite high-protein breakfasts right now:

Oatmeal with peanut butter, fruit & plain greek yogurt

  • 1/3 cup quick or old fashion oats (cooked according to direction)
  • 1 Tbsp crunchy peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup fruit (bananas, strawberries, blueberry’s, peaches, etc)
  • 1/2 cup nonfat plain greek yogurt
  • top with cinnamon

Nutritional value (varies, depending on quantities & fruit choice):
    *Protein = 19g
    *Fat = 10g
    *Carbohydrates = 56g

Cottage cheese with peanut butter & fruitIMG_20150407_080852_609

  • 1 cup fat free cottage cheese
  • 1 banana (or 1/4 - 1/2 cup fruit of choice)
  • 1 Tbsp crunchy peanut butter
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp honey

Nutritional value (varies, depending on quantities & fruit choice):
    *Protein = 33g
    *Fat = 8g
    *Carbohydrates = 48g

I also eat 1-2 pieces of turkey bacon with my breakfast, depending on how I’m feeling or if my boys decide they want some too. The oatmeal breakfast is typically after a workout, because I want more carbs. The cottage cheese breakfast is for days I don’t workout in the morning.

I know there is protein powder out there that I could add to everything I eat, but I’m not THAT crazy about protein. I’ve been getting the amounts I want just from eating real food (not meal replacement drinks or bars). I’ve been shooting for about 105-115g of protein per day, and lately I’ve been getting well above that (some days it’s been almost 150g).

What are you favorite protein packed breakfasts? I need some more ideas :)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

my week in review | DVF workouts

I’m finally starting to feel like my old (pre-pregnancy) self again when it comes to my fitness. There are still some things that I’m working up to (pull ups, full sit ups, etc) but overall, I’m happy with this past weeks workouts. Here is my break down:

  • Sunday: Rest day – It being Easter Sunday, we took some family pictures!1
  • Monday: 3.75 mile run, 2 min speed intervals + Lower body workout
  • Tuesday: 6 mile run, easy pace + Upper body/core workout
  • Wednesday: Bike 5 miles
  • Thursday: 4.5 mile run, hills + Lower body workout
  • Friday: 4.5 miles, easy + Upper body/core workout
  • Saturday: 7 miles OUTSIDE, easy

I ran 25.75 miles last week!! Yes, it was all slower than my pre-pregnancy pace, but so what. I’m running again!! I’m also in the process of setting up my half marathon training plan (race is June 13th), that always gets me super excited to see where my running will be in just a few weeks! My husband, who is planning on running the half with me (his idea!!), has been nursing an Achilles injury since February. Hopefully it will feel better soon so that he’ll be able to run it with me. 2 months and counting!

As for my workouts this week (see above), here is one upper body & one lower body workout I did:

LOWER BODY WORKOUTIMG_20150406_180743_659(AMRAP = as many rounds as possible…in 10 min) I also did 5 sets of 10 two-pulse lunges & 10 squats (with weights)

My UPPER BODY/CORE TABATA WORKOUT (sorry it’s a little blurry)
IMG_20150407_144520_886(Tabata = 20:10 –> 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest on interval timer)

Can’t wait for another week of getting closer to my pre-preggo fitness! #7weekspostpartum

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