Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rugged total body tabata workout | DVF Fitness

According to my half marathon (July 11), 25K trail (August 8), and marathon (Sept 5) training plan, today was a ‘no running’ day. I started the day with a short 1.5 mile bike ride to my land, then I hit up the outdoors for this workout, using rocks, logs & of course my big ol’ tractor tire! I love doing total body workouts while I’m training for races. I don’t have a ton of time left over to lift after all the running I’m putting in, so these total body HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts are my go to!
This was the first half of my rugged outdoor workout:
--->20:10 tabata workouts (20 seconds of work, 10 second rest, repeated for 8 rounds)
    • Tire step ups
    • incline pushups
    • ground-to-overhead (with rock)
    • walking lunges (with same rock)
    • tire flips
    • plank with alt. knee-to-elbow
(this video clip shows a quick demo of the exercises (except the plank)

The second half of the outdoor workout included the following:

  • 10 lateral squats
  • 10 wood chops - L & R (with rock)
  • 10 overhead presses (with rock)
    • repeat 4 times

I also threw in some random exercises to finish off my scheduled time (had to be back for my husband to go to work) –

  • 10 log facing burpees (log instead of bar, because I was using my rugged gym without a bar handy!)
  • 10 bicep curls (with same log)
  • 1.5 mile bike home

At home, I hadn’t had enough, so I pulled out my bar!

  • 8 front squats (#30)
  • 25 crunches
  • 25 reverse crunches
    • 5 sets
  • 10 deadlifts (#30)
  • 10 OH presses (#30)
  • 10 bent over rows (#30)
  • 5 upright rows (#30)
  • 20 leg lifts or alt. leg lifts
    • 4 sets

THEN I was done! I was tempted to put some more miles down on the bike, mainly because around noon I got in a dang fender bender (my fault of course) in the grocery store parking lot (with all three hungry & whinny kiddos). I was definitely in the mood to bike out my frustration, but instead after I got everyone fed & happy again, I took a shower & ate some lunch myself and felt a lot better! Tomorrow a 15 miler is in the plans, hopefully my legs wont be too tired after today’s workout!!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Jackson Hole half marathon race recap

This post should really be titled “Learning from My Race Mistakes”. The Jackson Hole half marathon was not my best race, nor was it my worst, so I’ll take it. I was really hoping for a better race than I had. Lots of things went wrong, mainly due to my stupidity, but in the end I finished and even got to run a little bit with my husband, his first half marathon ever! My husband and I ran this race on our 7th anniversary and I think it was my favorite way to celebrate our marriage!


I’ll start with the stats:

  • time = 1:48:39 (about 11 minutes slower than my PR)
  • place = 30th out of 267, 11th female
  • age group = 5th
  • ave pace = 8:18/mile
  • miles ran = 13.1 (+.68 running to find, & running with, my husband to finish his first half with him!)
  • Husband’s time = 1:59:05…for his FIRST EVER HALF MARATHON!

[finishing my 6th half marathon race]

It was a mostly flat/downhill race, starting at an elevation of 6,293 ft. We ran from Teton Village (in the shadows of the Teton Mountains) down to Jackson Hole. It was a super pretty race, aside from running on the highway for a little bit (with construction :/ ).

My race recap is mostly about these items below –> 5 things from this race that I learned should know better:

1. Start SLOWER!! (or at least at a pace that you trained for!) I know better. I was even telling my husband to start slower. But I got WAAAAY to excited and waaaay too competitive and started out at close to what I was running my tempo pace at during training. Sure it felt great for the first 2 miles, but then I was so exhausted by mile 6 I really didn’t think I was going to finish any where near my goal!

2. Don’t count on music!! I tried using Pandora on my phone during this race. I used it a lot during training runs, but this was a first for a race. Stupid idea!! This course must not have had the best service, because after mile 3 my Pandora stopped and I was left with nothing. I run all the time without music, so I was hoping it wouldn’t be that bad, but when you start out thinking you’ll have tunes to motivate you the whole time it pretty much sucks when it’s taken away.

3. Drink the way you’ve practiced during training runs. I know that I can’t drink anything until close to an hour into any run, otherwise I get major side aches & tummy aches. Well, because I started out so dang fast and got so tired within the first third of the race, I thought needed some Nuun. Just after mile 7 I was forced to walk because of a major side ache.

4. Fuel the way you’ve practiced during training runs. Because I had a major side ache half way through, I didn’t feel like adding more to the pain by taking in any fuel. Normally I eat a Clif Shot Blok at mile 8-9, but I failed to do so this time, and instead slowly faded into a snail pace by the end.

5. Don’t give up!! Mile 8/9 is when things usually get super hard for me in the half. I’m tired, I’m dreading the next 4/5 miles & I really don’t feel like I can push it. This time around, it happened at mile 4/5. Made for a loooooong race. That’s why at 12.6 miles I walked for 45 sec. I had nothing. Thankfully a racer ran by, cheering for me to get going, and I followed her in to the finish line. Even when I was running, it felt like I was hitting a 12 min pace, but in actuality I was still running about 8:30 pace. Why did I walk?!!!


So many mistakes this race!! I’m beyond embarrassed and mad that I walked. I had to when the side ache hit (that sucked!), but walking with less than half a mile left, that was just dumb! I definitely wont be using Pandora during a race ever again. I will drink & fuel the way I trained. And I will start at a pace that I trained for.

Here are my splits:


Also, I tried a new carb loading technique this time around – I ate very few carbs the first half of the week, then Wednesday evening I did a complete carb fast. Thursday & Friday I tried to eat between 3-4 g of carbs per pound of body weight. That’s a freakin’ ton of carbs, at least for me. On race morning I just felt heavy and slow. Not gonna do that again. Maybe I’ll try something new, but maybe I’ll do what I normally do – eat how I feel!!

And that’s that. The race wasn’t what I planned, or trained, for. But I finished, and it wasn’t my worst time. Of course I do have the excuses that I just had a baby and recovered from c-section surgery only 3.5 months ago, am still nursing, and ran at a higher altitude. But whatever! I messed up this time around, and paid for it in the end.

[Icing my legs in the ice cold Snake River]IMG952015061395105142653

Now it’s time to train for more races!! Up next on the calendar is El Vaquero Loco in August (unless something else comes up before that!)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

time to taper…and race!! | DVF half marathon training

Well, now that it’s already the middle of the week, here is a review of LAST week’s training, and an update on this week (taper week!)…

Overview: 33 miles running, 10 miles bike

  • Sunday- Rest!
  • Monday – 6.5 miles [speed]
    • 1 mile warm up + 2 miles @ tempo + .5 miles easy + 2 miles @ pace + 1 mile cool down
    • + core & leg workout
  • Tuesday – 5.3 miles [easy]
    • + core & shoulder workout
  • Wednesday – 4.9 miles [speed]
    • 1 mile warm up + 3 miles @ tempo + .9 mile cool down
    • core workout
  • Thursday – 10 miles on bike
    • total body workout
  • Friday – 11 miles [easy]
    • core work, pre & post run
  • Saturday – 5.3 miles [easy]
    • leg workout


And now this week. This week is taper week and I’m keeping all my miles at easy pace & not doing a whole lot of cross training or lifting. I’m trying out different tapering strategies, and this one is all about not doing a whole lot the week of accept easy running. I’m hoping that I will build up a ton of energy so that it’s ready to burst on race day ;)

  • Sunday - rest
  • Monday – 4.25 miles (easy)
  • Tuesday – 6.6 miles (easy)
    • short core workout, post run
  • Wednesday – 5.1 miles (easy)
  • Thursday – [planning on] 3 miles (easy)
  • Friday – [planning on] 9 miles biking
  • Saturday – RACE!!!

Other plans for tapering week - nutrition & sleep. Planning on carb-loading Thursday & Friday, after doing a carb-fast on Wednesday evening. Drinking LOTS of water this week & hopefully getting more sleep that usual, at least on Thursday & Friday nights. My usual 4-5 hours isn’t cutting it!

I’ve also been thinking about my race goals. It’s been over a year since my last half marathon & since then I’ve been pregnant, had a baby, recovered from surgery & started running basically from scratch. At 15 weeks post partum, I’m feeling really really good, but definitely not at the same level of training I was at last year.

That being said, these are my goals. I’ll take one of them, or all of them ;) …

  1. Run 1:45:00 or better.
  2. Run close to my current PR (1:37:23)
  3. Place in the top 5 for my age group
  4. Most importantly, finish before my baby girl is STARVING (yes, I’m nursing and she refuses to take a bottle :/ ). The timing should workout perfectly though, but still crossing my fingers.

Here we go!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2 weeks & counting | DVF half marathon training

I’m down to the last 2 weeks before my first half marathon in over a year. This past week I ran 39 miles, making it a total of 158.5 for the month of May. I took it pretty easy this week, as far as cross training goes. Only 5 miles on the bike (total), and one additional workout aside from my running. I was just tired overall & it was my peak week for this training, so I listened to my body and took it a little easier.

My week in review (May 24-30)

  • Sunday: REST
  • Monday: 9 miles [speed]
    • 1 mile warm up, 3 miles @ tempo, 1 mile easy, 2.5 miles @ pace, .5 miles easy
    • 1/2 Murph WOD in honor of Memorial day!


  • Tuesday: 4 miles [easy]
    • 5 mile on the bike
  • Wednesday: 4 miles [easy]
    • night run, perfect weather!


  • Thursday: 8 miles [easy]
  • Friday: hike with my kids, MAYBE 1 mile


  • Saturday: 14 miles [pace/tempo/easy]
    • 1 mile warm up, 2 miles @ tempo, 1 mile easy, 2 miles @ pace, 2 miles easy, 3 miles @ pace, 3 easy

My sweet little babe & I were hanging out Sunday night, she was playing and I was planning workouts for this week. Next week I’m tapering and racing!!IMG_20150531_202407

Sunday, May 24, 2015

three weeks to go | DVF half marathon training

ONLY THREE WEEKS LEFT!! I’m definitely getting excited. It’s been about a year since my last half marathon and I’ve been missing it for sure. This week I ran a total of 37 miles (up 4 from last week, 11% increase), and a total of 32.25 miles on the bike. I’ve been trying to get more miles in on the bike to cross train & keep my endurance up.  Here’s last weeks training:

  • Sunday: rest
  • Monday: 7 miles [tempo]
    • 1 mile warm up, 2.5 miles tempo (average @  pace), .5 mile easy, 2 miles tempo (average @  pace), 1 mile cool down
      • ***fastest mile (mile 6) I ran in 6:24!! I was pretty excited about that one!
    • + lower body/core workout: (20:10 x 8 tabata workout)
      • squat (w/ weight)
      • crunches
      • deadlift (w/ wt)
      • reverse crunch
      • step ups (w/ wt)
      • scissors
  • Tuesday: 5 miles [easy]
    • + 14.25 miles on the bike
    • + 13 minutes of jump rope 
  • Wednesday: 7 miles [hill repeats]
    • + 5 miles on the bike

IMG_20150520_055607_571[from the top of the hill, before the sun came up!]

  • Thursday: 13 miles on the bike
    • + core/arm workout: 4 sets…
      • 8 overhead press
      • 8 bicep curls
      • 30 reverse crunches
      • 8 kettlebell swings
      • 15 bicycle + crunch
      • 8 bent over row
    • lots of stretching!!


  • Friday: 14 miles [easy/hills]
  • Saturday: 4 miles [easy]
    • + total body workout


On instagram, I shared this picture & asked what favorite trail shoes were out there. These are Brooks Puregrit3 (left) and Mizuno Wave Kazan (right). I also tried on some Altra Superior 2.0…I just can’t decide. Which means I probably wont get any until NEXT year! My feet are VERY flat & I don’t really want to switch to zero drop right now, while I’m in the middle of training. I’ve been running in Mizuno Wave Riders for Y.E.A.R.S. and I haven’t had to pick out a new shoe that whole time. Now I really want some trail shoes, but the decision process kills me!!


So, I’ll pose the question here – What trail shoes do you wear?

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