Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Running funk

I think my body has been needing a break from running. Despite being in the middle of training for a 25K trail race, the past week & a half I was struggling to get the miles in. Last week I managed a whole 16 miles (I had 38 miles on the training plan Confused smile)!! Instead of running as much I’ve been hiking more & biking more & lifting weights more. Sometimes my body just needs to run less and do more of other things. I’m pretty happy that my lack of running at least wasn’t because of an injury!

Here is one of our past hikes –> 6 miles round trip, to this beautiful lake. Little G man (4 years old) hiked at least 5 of those miles!!


Fishing at the lake20140719_141402

My man, the animal! He said it’s training for hunting season!! I had to back track to find little B’s hat,
this is what I found when I met back up with them, both boys got pretty tired!!20140719_151819

Huckleberry picking on the way down!20140719_160738

Such good little hikers!!20140719_163355

Aside from running, hiking is my favorite. I live in an awesome place with beautiful mountains & trails. The only problem is the hiking season is about 2 months long, then the snow starts falling again. Gotta get some more hikes in before that happens!

Besides hiking, these are a few of the workouts I’ve been getting in during naptime. I don’t have videos to go with them, but if you have any questions about the exercises, leave me a comment!


This workout turned out to be an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workout, before naptime was over. It was a short one, I always hate those kind of naptimes Sad smile20140722_134856

This was my workout today. I got 7 miles in, interval style!! That’s most I’ve ran in one day for a couple weeks. Hopefully I won’t die during my trail race! I’ve really been slacking Confused smile But today running felt great, so hopefully my funk is on the downhill side & I’ll pick it up again.20140722_154404

Monday, July 14, 2014

Backpacking & rock climbing

This weekend I went backpacking, the first time in 5 years. Once I had kids, my backpacking adventures were at a stand-still. But this weekend I went out with a group from my church and left my boys at home with my man (he’s awesome like that!!). I saw this shirt on Instagram and LOVED it…so I made my own version of it and wore it the day before because I was so pumped up!



It was a fairly short hike in to where we camped, only 3 miles. Then we went another 1.5 miles up, through snow & lots of cross country (because we lost the trail due to the snow!), and found a couple high alpine lakes. Overall the first day was at least 6 miles, maybe 7 with all the exploring and trekking we did. I kind of want a Garmin now, just to track my hiking and backpacking miles!

Our first stop on along the hike – this awesome waterfall. It is a little raging right now, but at the end of summer, it is calmer and people often go cliff jumping into the pool at the bottom right of the picture. 20140711_092806

Along the way…We hiked in the clouds part of the time!20140711_094450


This was part of our adventure to find the lakes. The snow covered a lot of the trail, so we just decided to go straight up and across to find the trail. We did find it eventually!20140711_141607

Up at one of the lakes – Granite Lake. The clouds were covering the peaks most of the time, but it was SO gorgeous up there.20140711_152906

Granite lake drains into the other lake. This is the in between.20140711_153358

The other lake - Blue Lake. Absolutely breathtaking! I wanted to camp up there and stay for a few days. 20140711_154158


This was my favorite meal – breakfast! Blueberry pancakes with syrup (courtesy of McDonald’s) & peaches. So good after a night of rain & thunderstorms!


Today I took my boys to their favorite park in our neighborhood. They love climbing this “wall” and climbed it about 30 times before they moved on to something else! There is a short clip on my instagram of little B man climbing. He’s a stud for a 2 1/2 year old!


Someday I’ll take them to a climbing wall & get them all harnessed in. I bet they could make it to the top of any wall!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Backyard tabata workout

It’s been a while since I posted a workout, so how about this one. I did this tabata workout in the backyard while watching my boys play/fight in the sprinkler. All I needed was my watch (with an interval timer), and some weights (depending on what you want to lift).



There are three separate tabata sets in this workout.

  • I warmed up with a  1/4 mile jog, then started the workout.
  • The first set is at 20 seconds of work to 10 seconds of rest, 4 rounds of those 4 exercises.
  • The second set is at 25 seconds of work to 10 seconds of rest, 3 rounds of 5 exercises.
  • The last set is two rounds of ALL the exercises, done at 20:10 seconds.

Overall, with a couple minutes of rest between sets, it takes less than 25 minutes.


Here’s a really quick video showing all the exercises. I don’t go into detail or explanation of how to do each one, but you can find more info on all of them if you google it Winking smile

After this workout, I ran 3 miles at conversation pace. Felt great!

Monday, June 23, 2014

GOTR pics & my next race (25K trail)

I finally got to see pictures from the Girls on the Run 5k race that I volunteered as a running buddy. I stole shared them from the photographers website, so they are pretty small/low quality. I get what I pay for I guess.

Ideal Photography, Inc.: 2014-0614-Thrive-Girls On The Run &emdash; DSC_1519  Ideal Photography, Inc.: 2014-0614-Thrive-Girls On The Run &emdash; _p8b1256

I’d definitely recommend looking up Girls on the Run to see if there is a program in your location. They are always looking for volunteers, and it is as simple as donating snacks to being an actual running coach for a few months. These past couple seasons I’ve supplied snacks and ran in the race, but one of these times I’ll hopefully get to be a coach.

I’m also lovin these shirts they have for sale in the GOTR shop, except that they aren’t available in adult sizes, girl/youth sizes only. I’m tempted to try the size large!

image  image  image

The day after my most recent half marathon, while driving home from it actually, I started planning out a training schedule for my next race – El Vaquero Loco, 25K trail race.


At the beginning of the year I was planning on running a couple more races in between my half and this 25K, but our summer is just too packed to travel for races. I opted out of two halfs - Governor's cup half marathon & Star Valley half marathon. I have 7 weeks until this race, and hopefully I’m still in pretty good shape from my half marathon training. I just need to get in some more trails in the next couple months! I’m pumped!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator #fuelyourbetter {review}

I received a sample of Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator to review as part of the Fuel Your Better campaign (as an Sweat Pink Ambassador). I’ve tried only one other brand of recovery drink aside from Vega, so I know how great recover drinks are. The Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator definitely did it’s job and is the first all-natural, plant-based recovery drink mix specifically formulated to target recovery.


I received the Tropical flavor, but they also have it available in Apple Berry. Upon first taste, it is grainy. But if you stir it enough & keep stirring it throughout, while you are drinking it, it isn’t as bad. I got over that artificial, grainy texture because overall I knew it was going to help my recovery.

One package is a serving size, which is added to 12 oz of water. It offers a “4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein, a combination shown to increase muscle glycogen re-synthesis—a crucial component of post-workout recovery.” Other benefits of this recovery drink include:

  • Replenish energy and electrolytes
  • Reduce inflammation, muscle and joint pain
  • Support immune system function and protein synthesis
  • Reduce recovery time between training
    (more information on their website on the Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator page)


I’ve used Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator a number of times, but mostly after a hard workout or race. After my recent half marathon, it was one of the first things I downed! I tastes particularly good when you are famished and exhausted Winking smile. I’m impressed with the help in recovery it provided. After the half I was a little more sore than I was at other times when I drank the Recovery Accelerator, but I think that was in large part due to the fact that I was sitting in a car for so long after, traveling from Oregon to Montana.


Two thumbs up to the Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator drink mix. Definitely give it a try. If you haven’t yet, I’d encourage you to check out Vega Sport’s Fuel Your Better campaign.

*I was given this product free of charge from Vega Sport through the SPA program. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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