Monday, December 15, 2014

Great Compression Sock deal!!


I just got an email from Pro Compression with a 42% off coupon code, that is good for ANYTHING in their online store. Socks, tights, sleeves, leggings, anything!  I’m a HUGE fan of Pro Compression gear (my review here).


COUPON CODE ---> 2014 

That in and of itself is a great deal, but further down in their email they offered a ‘grab bag’ of 3 randomly selected marathon compression socks or sleeves for a deal (even without the coupon), then add the 42% off to that, plus automatic free shipping, and it ends up being just over $12 per pair of compression socks [$37.70 for THREE PAIRS OF SOCKS, that’s less than what you normally pay for ONE pair!].


They also ship within 24 hours, so if you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift for a runner (or anyone who could really use some compression socks) jump on this deal. Expires December 19th, 2014.

COUPON CODE ---> 2014

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Finally in the 3rd Trimester!

I’m about 28 1/2  weeks pregnant right now, which means I’m most definitely, officially in the third trimester. I’ve been trying to keep up with working out but it gets a lot harder with the lack of energy & crazy boys running around all the time exhausting me! My running jogging has been pretty chill. When I do actually jog, I try to get in at least 2 miles of actually jogging (which right now is around 5.0 – 5.5 mph). For the month of November I ran jogged a grand total of 21.25 miles!! That use to be close to my average WEEKLY mileage, not monthly!

When I officially turned 28 weeks pregnant, this is the first workout I did to celebrate entering the 3rd trimester:

image [4 rounds for me]

And just to prove that my belly & this baby girl are definitely still growing, these are taken 4 weeks apart -->


My belly is turning into quite the torpedo. Can’t wait to see what she does to me at 32 1/2 and 36 1/2 weeks (hopefully there isn’t a 40 1/2 weeks shot).

Monday, December 1, 2014

Planning ahead – my New Years Resolution {one word}

I know it isn’t even Christmas yet, but New Years is within a month, so I figured I’d get on it. For the last couple years I’ve been picking ONE WORD for my New Years resolution and this year, the word is CHANGE! I even made a coin jar for it! (Get the double meaning?!!)


I know I’ll be going through a lot of changes, most of which I don’t have a choice in the matter - having a baby in Feb. and going through all the changes that come with it – nursing, diapers, no sleep, etc. etc., turning another year older in Feb., my boys turning another year older and making me grayer ;), etc.

But of course there are a lot of things I want and need to change about me emotionally, spiritually, physically, and so on. I have a lot of things I want to “make or become different” in myself, and hopefully I can remember to focus on changing (for the better of course) throughout this year, and always for that matter.


What are your New Years resolutions (or have you even started planning that yet?!). What would your ONE WORD be?

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving day 5K –> new PR

Thanksgiving day I “ran” a 5K as a running buddy for Girls on the Run. It was their final 5K race for the Fall season, and a heck of a race to finish with. There were nearly 3000 runners in the 5K alone (there was also a 10K and a kids 1.4K). It took us a good 8+ minutes to get to the start after the gun went off.


There was ice and snow along the course, but it wasn’t horrible (as I’ve seen WAY worse in years past) and it was in the 40s! Talk about sweet running weather for this typically sub-zero race! My running buddy was a 3rd grader and was quite the trooper to make it the 3.1+ miles to the finish (it was slightly longer than a 5K). And my baby girl was a trooper too! No braxton hicks at all during the race!!

Look at that belly!!

Just before the finish. My running buddy’s dad (orange beanie in the pic below) actually met up with her for about the last .75 miles, so she was wimping out and begging him for a piggy back ride the whole time. When the finish line was in sight I made her run & finish strong!


There we are, finishing together (I’m the chubby one & she’s the little blonde – both in the blue GORT runs).


And this is where my newest PR comes in. I set a personal record for my slowest 5K race yet!   **Official 5K time = 54:35:22 (17:36 pace)** Running/walking  with an 8 year old that you hardly know is quite an adventure!! But I’m glad I did it, and I’m really glad she finished and got her medal. Such a fun program to be apart of.

But to top off the morning of races (my brother & sis-in-law ran the 10K), my little G man, 4 years old, ran his very first race and killed it! It was a 1.4K kids race and my husband ran it with him. I was most impressed that he followed through with the race strategy I told him that morning – start out slow and finish fast, like Dash (The Incredibles).

IMG_2396.Running “as fast as he can” like Dash! I love the tongue in his cheek & his amazing form!! I was/AM one proud momma :)

He has been obsessed with The Incredibles lately and while awaiting the day of his race, he would show me how fast he was going to run his race (as fast as Dash), and he would book it! So I told him to start out slower than Dash, get faster and faster, pass a lot of people, and then book it like Dash at the end. He is an awesome athlete already. I’m definitely blowing this picture up & framing it for him!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Healthy Kids - Lead by example

This morning when I was working out, my little boys came in, grabs some 5 lb weights and started working out with me. They were huffing and puffing lifting their weights, getting their ‘swole’ on! Usually I get bugged at them for interrupting my workout, but for some reason it was just cute today. I’m surprised they didn’t find their sweatbands first ;)

“Look mom, I’m getting so strong”  IMG_20141113_094829

When my little G man was done lifting, he started listing off the reasons why he was getting so strong while counting them off on his fingers, “I’m eating meat. I sleep lots. I eat some more. And I exercise!”


I was impressed with his list and asked him who it was that told him that those things would make him stronger. I thought he was going to say that it was me. You know, of course I’m his super-duper role model when it comes to health and fitness, so that is where all of his answers should come from ;) But instead he said, “I just thought it in my brain.”

Well, DUH MOM! He has been around me for 4 1/2 years now, and I really do hope a lot of things have rubbed off on him by now, and that he can think of them all by himself! I’m not a obsessive healthy person. I eat candy & junk food, I take a couple rest days a week (mainly now that I’m pregnant), etc. But I do try to use my nutrition degree, personal training certification, and running coach certification to help lead, teach, and motivate others when I can, especially & particularly when it comes to my family. Thank goodness my little guys are like sponges right now!

A lot of times the only way we can get little G man to eat dinner is to tell him that it will make him really strong or fast. He then will ask if it is meat (usually it is) and he will gobble it up. He’s such a competitive little guy!

Speaking of competition, I signed him up for a kids run on Thanksgiving. It’s about a 1K race and he is SUPER excited about it. He shows me how fast he is going to run & that he is going to beat all the kids. Every day he asks when his race is, so I finally made him this countdown to the big day!


I don’t get on a soap box often, but I will climb up there for this. Teach your kids (& other kiddos) to be healthy. But more than that, teach them that being healthy is awesome! Teach them that veggies are good & good for them. Teach them that moving & getting exercise will keep them healthy, happy & that it’s fun! Teach them to take care of the bodies they have & not to waste time developing poor health habits. I could say PLENTY more, but that’s where I’m going to stop (for now!).

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