Thursday, August 25, 2011

B.I.C. Bands review & a GIVEAWAY of course

The other day, as I was dreaming of being a volleyball coach, I was looking for something fun to give my [hopefully] future volleyball team…I was looking at shoe laces, keychains, etc. But then I found B.I.C. bands “feeling sporty” bands and of course they had a volleyball band! These are pretty much the perfect thing to give them!!

So, I contacted Sandy at B.I.C. Bands & asked if I could review their headbands & do a giveaway. She was awesome & sent me 4 B.I.C. Bands, some to try, some to giveaway.

These are the ones she sent (thanks again Sandy!!):

Skinnie Minnie Passion Fruit, Gold Skinny Sparkle, Thin Hard Core, & Thick Pink Black DotDSC00005

I had hard time deciding which ones to giveaway, because honestly I want them all! I wore the Hard Core band on a run earlier this week, because as we all know, I’m super hard core ;) – loved it. I think it is probably my favorite width (THIN BAND) for running. Keeps all my flyaways out of my face & even my shorter hairs in the back (because my hair is super short now-a-days) off my neck.DSC09989Then I wore the Passion Fruit band on a hike – again, loved it. I like the Skinnie Minnie size too. In my opinion, it’s good for the everyday stuff. It just looks like a super cute headband!! But it also does the job of keeping the dang flyaways out of the face! (and apparently this green long sleeve shirt is my fav…I seem to wear it all the time!)


Best of all, like so many others have said about B.I.C. Bands, and what they exclaim on their website, is that these are headbands that will not slip – SERIOUSLY!! It is absolutely, no questions asked, without a doubt so true. The grip of the “magic lining” is amazing & it doesn’t budge at all.

Another amazing this about B.I.C. Bands is that with every purchase made, B.I.C. Bands gives back to those in need. They raise money for different charities & I think that is awesome.

So, since I’ve worn the Hard Core & Passion Fruit bands, I’m giving away the other two sweet headbands – The Pink & Black Dot & The Gold Sparkle – to one lucky winner.

Here you goDSC09996

To enter, leave a comment letting me know which ones you did (doesn’t have to be separate comments, but can be if you want):

1. LIKE BIC Bands on facebook – 1 entry

2. Spread the word (tweet it, blog it, facebook it) – 1 entry each, leave me a link

3. Tell me what B.I.C. stands for & which headband is your favorite!!! – 1 entry

***You must be a follower of my blog to enter***
(Click JOIN THIS SITE on the right column under DVF Followers)

Winner will be chosen on my sister’s birthday, Sept. 1st.


  1. i like bic bands on fb [username karen r m]

  2. Because I Can bands!! And, sorry, i had to look that up. Hadn't reaized it stood for anything! ;-) My fav is the skinnie minnie passion fruit...too cute!

  3. Because I Can Bands-such a great name! My favorite one on their site is the Dotty in Navy that's skinny. Very cute!

  4. BIC = Because I can! (Never knew that!) The pink polka dot one looks great. I have a strange attraction to polka dots!

  5. I just learned BIC stands for "Because I Can" which makes me love them that much more since that's been my personal motto since high school!! LOVE IT!

  6. @JennsAdventures Tweeted about this giveaway AND I'm putting it on my blog =)

    PS: Happy (early) Birthday to your Sisto!

  7. I love the gold glitter band! i have been wanting one so bad!

  8. And I like the thicker bands with the fun colors.

  9. I like BIC Bands on FB.
    "Because I Can" bands! I like the THIN Hot Pink Zebra band. So cute!

  10. Because I Can bands. I like the Thin Navy Preppy Argyle one. Super cute.

  11. BIC stands for Because I Can -- I really like the sparkle bands.

  12. BIC stands for Because I Can

  13. I'm a follower! BIC stands for Because I Can. What a powerful phrase, right? Love the giveaway!


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