Friday, August 26, 2011

iCoach – so excited!

Workout: 3.25 mile run (30 min)

Last night we had our volleyball coaches meeting. Basically got a bunch of papers and packets & met the other coaches. In the beginning I was nervous, but by the end I was just super excited. Practice starts Monday (as does school for these little youngsters)! Then we [the coaches] get to spend all week checking out the players & deciding who goes on which team (supposedly there are going to be at least three 7th grade teams…at one middle school – there are a lot of chicas wanting to play some v-ball!)

In honor (and pure excitement) of being a new volleyball coach here, I decided to make myself a sweet shirt to fit the occasion. [side note: these are taken with my dang phone, the camera battery died…of course]


As you may know, I’ve been making RUNNING SUCKS shirts for a while now, and it’s really fun to make & sell them. But what’s even more fun is being able to design & make other shirts, especially ones for me!!0826112115a

Have you ever seen the iRun, iTri, iSkate, etc. shirts/paraphernalia around in the world today?! I figured iCoach would be very fitting for me.  My team is the NAVY team, so of course I have a navy shirt.

I’m so excited! Totally can’t wait. I was meant to be a coach!!


--My brother Scott [Tri Scott Tri] is racing tomorrow in an Olympic triathlon. I’m sad I’m not going to be there cheering him on. GOOD LUCK SCOTTY!


  1. LOVE the shirt! You look uber excited, too! :)
    Goooo Kiley's BRO!!!

  2. so excited for you! and I love the shirt, too!! I have one that says iPaddle ;)

  3. cute shirt.

    congrats on getting the coaching gig.


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