Monday, August 15, 2011

Just to entice you a little more…

EL VAQUERO LOCO – 50K & 25K trail races


Seriously, how can you not want to run it?!! Register early for this sucker because there is a limit to the amount of runners allowed.


  1. Gorgeous! They all look like postcards.

  2. SOLD. When do I sign up? Oh and you're running with me right?

  3. Wow!! Challenging, but definitely VERY pretty! You know what would happen? If I registered for that I'd spend all of my time in such picturesque settings singing songs from the Sound of Music. I mean hello? Doesn't that just scream The Hills Are Alive??

  4. Wow that looks amazing.Someday someday. Devin wants to do it too. But I told him can't do the 50k because I'm positive like that. I love your blog Kiley. I come here to stay motivated. Keep it up!



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