Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Coaching starts tomorrow

I love this time of year. Everything gets even busier, but mainly because it’s volleyball season, and I get to coach again.


I don’t know what I love more, volleyball or coaching. I don’t get to play the sport much at all anymore. Coaching is definitely something I love doing. If I had more time I’d coach during the spring season and even throw in some track coaching too. But, life is busy and I have plenty of other obligations to fulfill first. So for now, I’ll just stick with one season of coaching volleyball.

That’s probably why I am a personal trainer (not much lately though). I love coaching and seeing people improve throughout the course of weeks and months and years. The human body is amazing and I’m always impressed at how much it can grow and change.


And this is one of the other shirts I made recently. Pretty much perfect for the season. Find it for sale HERE (other shirt colors available).

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