Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My favorite ‘long hair’ running hairdo + HIIT workout

I’ve never had really long hair. The length of my hair right now is probably close to the longest I’ve EVER had it. I don’t have much patience for growing my hair out & by the time it is semi-long I give up & chop it. I’ve stuck it out for a while now, although I do need a good trim soon. So anyway, my hair is long [for me] and it drives me crazy when I run.

Running hairdo options for longer hair -

  • a regular ponytail. Not horrible, except the aftermath. It is a tangle mess of knots & rat nests!
  • a messy bun. This is a typical, daily hairdo for me, easy & comfortable. But running with it is a different story. A big messy bun can’t withstand the pounding of running & ends up getting lose (even with multiple hair ties) & makes for quite the headache by the end of the run.
  • a low ponytail. I’m not a fan. The hair is more contained than a high ponytail, but it’s still roaming free, making it’s way to tangleville.
  • a french braid (or two). Auhhh. Talk about relief. No tangles, no mess, no flipping & flying in my face, no headaches.

And just to prove how awesome the french braid hairdo is when running, this is a picture of me after a 9 mile run…


You can’t even tell that I just went running. Seriously, the perfect hairdo!! But then again, it’s only perfect if you can braid your own hair or have someone that will do it for you. Luckily I’m skilled in the art of ‘self-hair-braiding’ Winking smile. Here’s a shot of the braid in action (my last half marathon)…


On to the HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout:

I needed some motivation to get my speed workout in the other day and this is how I did it:


I did a tabata workout (20:10 –> 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest) and mixed in a 1/2 mile sprint each round. This totaled 4 miles of speed work at 1/2 mile intervals. Felt great! Afterwards I decided I probably should have used weights instead of just body weight, but I was planning to run more afterwards (another 4 miles) so I didn’t want to completely drain myself.

It’s a pretty fun workout. Try it out! Do more or less rounds (I did 8), more or less work time (I did 20 seconds), or throw in some weights!!

oh, and HAPPY EARTH DAY today!


  1. French braids are awesome! In a quick pinch I just do a simple braid with a pony tail...quick and still keeps it out of the way! :-)

    1. I forgot about the polytail with a braid. I do like that one too, but mine always ends up getting super messed up & knocks my sunglasses off my face (the ear pieces are a little too long I think!).

  2. Braids really do rule when it comes to running with long hair, I just get lazy sometimes and stick with a ponytail.


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