Monday, April 14, 2014

V is for Vegetables

We are on V week in preschool with my little G and kicked it off with V is for Veggies. My boys are pretty good at eating vegetables, the particularly like bell peppers, carrots & peas. It makes me pretty happy that they do eat them, I swear when I was a kid I never ate veggies Confused smile

We started it off with a big letter V that he put veggie stickers on. I found some clipart on Google images and he didn’t know the beets, egg plants & radishes (I do not eat any of those!).


Then used the same stickers as with the capital V page, along with some fruit stickers, and we deciphered between fruits & veggies and put them in their separate bowls. It’s kinda hard explaining the difference between fruits and vegetables in 4 year old terms, so I stuck with fruit takes like a treat and veggies need ranch Winking smile. IMG_0621

Little G is an awesome color-er. He is working on staying inside the lines & does an impressively good job. I helped him name the veggies & he told me what color it needed to be colored. IMG_0625

Then we did some taste testing. He has eaten all of the vegetables we tested, but it was fun for him to decide it it tasted good Smile or not good Sad smile. He also wrote out the names of each vegetable, great practice with his letters. (find this spreadsheet here).


It’s always a goal of mine to teach my kids more about a healthy lifestyle. Other preschool activities we’ve done in relation to ‘healthy living’ –> F is for Fruit, N is for Nutrition & O is for Oatmeal.


  1. Great activity, I like how you taught him to decipher fruit from vegetable. Works great really.

  2. My 5 yr old told me he was almost done with his MDO classes cause they were on V in the alphabet and there were only W,X,Y, and Z and he was done! LOL

  3. Okay, "fruits taste like treats. Veggies need ranch" ... pretty sure I read that in a text book somewhere :)


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