Private coaching | DVF Fitness Running Coach

To get started with private, one-on-one coaching, please complete this questionnaire detailing your running history, current fitness level, goals, etc. Private coaching is for anyone in, or near, Four Corners/Bozeman, MT area.

Please fill out this QUESTIONNAIRE and e-mail it back to me.


  • I can accompany you on a long run, assist with pacing, answer your fueling and hydration questions, and provide tips and mental strategies to help you succeed on race day
  • I can join you at the track for speed work to provide guidance, support, and different workouts specific to your goal race – to help ensure workouts are performed correctly
  • Provide motivation & stimulus for improvement in running form, technique, pacing, and other factors influencing performance
  • I can perform a strength and flexibility assessment using a series of functional movement tests that allow me to see any imbalances that may be present. After the assessment I will guide you through specific strength training and flexibility exercises to address any imbalances that I uncover during the assessment
  • Injury prevention tips & strategies
  • I can review your current training and provide guidance and suggestions for improvement

*please fill out & sign this contract and liability waiver before your private coaching begins (e-mail or in person)

**Please note that this service is a consultation and does not include a training plan


$35 per half hour
$55 per hour
  *see my personal training page for more training options