Training Plan Only | DVF Fitness Running Coach

This option is best for more experienced runners looking for a customized plan to execute on your own, but can also be utilized by runners of any experience level.  **Please note that this option only provides a training plan and does not include ongoing email, phone/text, or messaging support. (If you would like a more hands on approach, please see my online/virtual coaching option.)

To get started with this ‘training plan only’, please complete this QUESTIONNAIRE detailing your running history, current fitness level, goals, etc, and e-mail it back to me.



  • A complementary initial consultation (via e-mail or phone call) – we’ll review your questionnaire, discuss what to expect from DVF Fitness training plan, and the length of your training plan
  • A customized training plan for your goal race and review of the training plan via e-mail or phone call (your preference)
    • includes detailed goal paces, distance, duration and intensity
    • includes a key with description/how-to of each type of training (if necessary)
    • in “calendar” and “spreadsheet” form
  • Injury prevention tips & suggestions

*please fill out & sign this contract and liability waiver before your training plan begins (if I don’t receive it, I will email it to you before I email your training plan)



$45 for a customized 8 week plan (5K-10K preferred, or experienced runners with a good base for longer distances)
$65 for a customized 12 week plan (novice racers and experienced runners with a good base)
$80 for a customized 16 week plan (beginners at most distances or intermediate runners with a time goal)
$100 for a customized 20 week plan (most recommended to allow for most complete training)
$125 for a customized 24 week plan (longer distance races and ideal program length for one complete macro cycle of training)
      (invoice sent via e-mail after initial consultation)

**if you aren’t sure what plan you need, contact me and we’ll discuss which plan will fit best.